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Your Health Is Not Something That Stays At Home When You Go On A Trip

At Centurion Travel Assistance, we are available 24/7 to assist you during your trip.  Unexpected illness on your trip? With access to our Virtual Doctors, you can meet with a physician from anywhere in the world. This includes in the air or on board a cruise ship. All you need is access to wifi. Stolen passport? Delayed luggage? No worries. With attention to every detail and hands-on care, even the unexpected can still occur. Centurion Travel Assistance understands and we are here to help you every step of the way. 

Our travel membership is designed to leave you with peace of mind whenever you travel. In a medical emergency? Our Medical Team is standing by to be sure you are receiving appropriate medical care. If not, we will evacuate you to your HOSPITAL OF CHOICE for immediate medical attention.

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Our partnership with Jet ICU allows Centurion to respond in a moments notice, from Air Ambulances to Commercial Nurse Escorts. Centurion can facilitate the needs of our patients from bedside to bedside and take care of all logistical details.

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Tips from Our Team

My passport is missing! What do I do?

Hear advice from one of our Assistance Coordinators on what to do if your passport goes missing or stolen in a foreign country. Are their ways to be better prepared for this?

How can I charge my cell phone in a different country?

Your guide to electrical outlets and how they vary from country to country.

How do I know which vaccines are recommended for the country I’m planning to visit?

Did you know that some countries require proof of vaccination before allowing you entry? Learn more about this and how far in advance you should get vaccinated.  


Emergency Travel and Medical Assistance

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Feel at ease with protection for you and your family without the restrictions and limitations.

Inpatient admission not a requirement for transport

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No physician statements required

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